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Drew Ash is currently a brown belt under Eddie Bravo, the founder of 10th Planet Jiujitsu and 3rd degree black belt under the legendary Jean Jacques Machado. Drew has been training Brazilian Jiujitsu and submission wrestling for 10 years and has fought in mixed martial arts competition. He has an abundance of experience teaching all levels and ages, from 4 year olds to professional fighters.

Our kids classes are focused on teaching respect and discipline through martial arts. In learning and understanding jiujitsu, your child will develop the confidence necessary to deal with stressful and tense situationswhether it's de-escalating a situation with a bully at school, taking important tests, or competing in jiujitsu tournaments. We are confident that our classes will provide a positive impact to your child's life.


Learn Wrestling from Strikeforce veteran, Conor Heun. He is a 10th Planet brown belt who has fought professionally for 9 years in some of the most respected organizations in the world. He is a Greco Roman and Freestyle state champion, NCAA Div 3 National Qualifier and a Tour Du Monde World Team member.

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